Hi there, and welcome to Kansasflying.com. Here in Wichita, Kansas we are known to be the "Air Capital of the World." Boeing, Cessna, Beech, Learjet, and even the Stearman Aircraft Compay have their roots right here in Wichita.  These compaines have provided jobs for many people around this area, and have had a great impact on our economy.  But, this site will focus on another type of flying, the kind of flying I prefer... I call it "Back-Yard Flying."

Actually.... I do not REALLY fly from my back yard (I know some people that do, though. And I wish I could... maybe one day), but I do fly smaller airplanes.  The planes I like to fly are known in the aviation world as Experimentals.  I just LOVE to tell people I fly "Experimental" airplanes, it just sounds cool, and dangerous!  Don't get me wrong, it can be dangerous, but no more than driving bumper-to-bumper on the Interstate at 75 mph. Anyway.. don't get me started on this topic! 

Most Experimental airplanes are of the Homebuilt category, and as such we (the builder) are able to do our own inspections and maintenance. This saves a LOT of money, and quite frankly, the only reason I can afford too fly.  Like any hobby, there are support groups out there that makes this endeavor doable. The
Experimental Aircraft Association(EAA) is our main backing for support.

There are local EAA Chapters all over the country and probably one in your area. They have people who specialize in looking over your work while building, and even help out during your first flights. I highly encourage all homebuilders to join!  Even if you do not build, they have a great magazine with very informative articles.

I guess I should introduce myself. I am Michael Hilderbrand and I love aircraft of all flavors.  I have built a Challenger II and currently just finished  a Sonex.  This site has pictures of my build and some of me flying around the flat lands of Kansas... Let me know if you have questions or just want to shoot the bull! E-mail me at
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